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Mrs. Anna Sammaritano (On behalf of my husband)

Patient "Mr Silvestro Sammaritano"
My husband (Mr. Silvestro Sammaritano) consulted with Dr Bomela towards end of September 2022. We were very impressed with Dr Bomela. Her dedicated attention, professionalism and concern for my husband was really superlative. The same experience also with the surgical procedure and follow up was also encountered. Very much appreciated was also the input from the practice manager, Vincent, and his staff. It has been a very fulfilling experience. We would highly recommend Dr. Bomela.   ;


Mr Mpho Thibedi

It was in 2015/11/11 when I got injured on duty as a police office. I first consulted with my general practitioner who referred me to another specialist where I was admitted and various test where done. I struggled with a severe and persistent pain which the tests and X-Ray examinations could not point what the cause was. I could not walk and my specialist then referred me to Dr Bomela Dr Bomela first took me through an MRI scan as the X-rays could not provide conclusively what the cause of the persisting pains and numbness to my left leg. The outcome from the MRI scan revealed that the nerves are pressed/pinched by the spinal cord according to Dr Bomela. She took me from bedside as I was unable to walk and started my first operation in 2016. Following up from the initial operation, in some instance an emergency operation was done as my wound was affected and the conditions was deteriorating. Dr Bomela then referred me to the physiotherapist who then mobilised me. Dr Bomela was patient enough to help me through, even on some instances I was informed by other doctors that I might not be able to walk again. Though there is a revision surgery done on my lumbar spine from 2016 and in 2022, I am grateful that I am able to walk and she has helped me to believe in myself as I continued with the follow up consultations. Thanks to Dr Bomela and may the Almighty God help and guide her through her medical speciality to help other coming after me.

Zintle Dashle

A very pleasant experience, the whole team was friendly and provided me with all the info I needed about the surgery. Dr Bomela was great as usual even after the operation, giving me detail on how it went and what I needed to do for my recovery. A great Team!

Keabetswe Modise

Patient "Keabetswe Modise"
When I first met Dr Bomela, I had lost all hope because I had been suffering with my condition for more than 3 years. She really took the time to get to the root of the problem and to walk side by side with me until I understood my condition, what causes it and how to manage it going forward since it is chronic.   I love Dr Bomela with all my heart, she is a god sent and I really value her opinion and trust her judgement because she has been there for me when everyone had lost all hope. Thank you for giving me a second chance in life to share and create good memories with my family.

Sandy Davis

Patient "Sandy Davis"
I first saw Dr Bomela in May of 2022 with a history of headaches, high blood pressure including vomiting. I was initially admitted in one of the hospitals in Alberton where I was discharged and on the same day later, I was admitted at the emergency centre of Busamed Modderfontein in Sandton.   I was then referred to Dr Bomela for further investigations and within an hour of seeing me, she is the "Lady" who found my medical problem immediately, after suffering for nearly 2 years.   The most wonderful Lady I have ever met. She explained in details the problem and how it can be solved. She took her time to explain the operation I was to have. She was extremely caring, and understanding! She kept reassuring me that everything will be good again. The most professional caring and loving Doctor you will ever find.   I now see her for the post op examinations every 4-6 months which she takes the outmost care and attention to her patients. Really enjoy my visits with her. Please don't let another excellent Dr Bomela leave SA.

Mrs Virginia Nkomo

Patient "Mrs V Nkomo"
I would recommend Dr Bomela at any given time to anyone with back problem. My experience with her and the service of her staff is excellent.  The first time I consulted with her I was on a stretcher and today I am able to walk, which was for me a far fetched reality. The operation was done on my spinal cord in July of 2022 and frankly, I am far better compared to the first time I cam for consultation.  

Ms Mokgadi Mashala

At the ages of 25, no previous stays in the hospital, no consultations with any other doctors besides a General Practitioner. Only to end up coming through the emergency unit with a case of a fractured spine injury. Was nothing close to what I imagined I'd ever experience. To comprehend that there's a possibility of never walking again was a thought I did not want to start thinking of or talk about. We were all devastated.

Dr Bomela came in with a different perspective, a different kind of hope, a stern but caring "we are going to fix it and I don't want you staying here for over a week". That gave me and my family hope. For that I'll always be grateful to her and her team. For the ray of sunshine she provided for me and my family during that time and confidence she portrayed.

Its been 3 months after the surgery and I am back at work, walking through hallways and getting back to normal because of the hope she provided.