Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does a consultation with a spine surgeon mean that I need spine surgery?

One consultation does not necessarily mean you will need surgery. Instead, conservative means such as pain relief corticosteroid shots can achieve a better quality of life.

2. What does a referral to a spine surgeon mean?

You could struggle with acute or chronic neck, shoulder or back pain. In this case, you may need to be referred to a spinal orthopaedic surgeon. In addition, a referral is required when an injury affects the nerves, back, neck and shoulder, bones, muscles, and nervous system.

3. Is spine surgery safe?

Generally, spine surgery is safe. For example, spinal fusion is a commonly performed procedure to stabilise and strengthen the spine. However, like any other procedures, there are common known complications such as infections, nerve injury etc.

4. Do I need to stay overnight in the hospital after lumbar spine surgery?

Most spine procedures requires an overnight stay for a few days except for the pain blocks / injections. For an example, spine fusion require an average of 5 days in hospital.

5. Will I be able to drive after spine surgery?

After a single-level lumbar fusion with no opioid intake, you can start driving 2-3 weeks after the procedure. However, depending on the procedure, the recovery time may differ.